Event Report

thumbnail of Activity Report Taste of Auckland November 2018

Taste of Auckland November 2018

thumbnail of Activity Report Asia Pacific Film Festival 2018

Asia Pacific Film Festival 2018

Activity Report Armageddon Auckland 2018

Armageddon Auckland 2018

thumbnail of Ishikawa Prefecture Tourism Roadshow 18 October 2018

Ishikawa Prefecture Tourism Roadshow 18 October 2018

thumbnail of Activity-Report-SOGETSU-50th-Anniversary-Ikebana-Exhibition

SOGETSU 50th Anniversary Ikebana Exhibition

thumbnail of Activity-Report-Japan-Roadshow-2018-Aucklandby-JNTO-17-May-2018

Japan Roadshow 2018 Auckland

thumbnail of Activity-Report-Fine-Food-2018-Auckland-24-June-2018

Fine Food 2018 Auckland

thumbnail of Activity-Report-Overload-2018

Overload 2018

thumbnail of Activity-Report-Japan-Roadshow-2018-Sydney-by-JNTO-22-May-2018

Japan Roadshow 2018 Sydney 22 May 2018

thumbnail of Activity-Report-FOOD-SHOW-2018-Auckland-26-29-July-2018

FOOD SHOW 2018 Auckland 26-29 July 2018

thumbnail of Activity-Report-Japan-Day-2018e

Japan Day 2018

thumbnail of Activity-Report-Japan-Day-Eve-2018

Japan Day Eve 2018

thumbnail of Activity-Report-Santa-Parade-2017

Santa Parade 2017

thumbnail of Activity-Report-SAKE-Tasting-16-October-2017

SAKE Tasting 16 October 2017

thumbnail of Activity-Report-JFC-Food-and-Sake-2017

JFC Food and Sake 2017

thumbnail of Activity-Report-APFF-2017-Report

Asia Pacific Film Festival 2017

thumbnail of Activity-Report-Fukuoka-Garden-Opening-2017

Fukuoka Garden Opening 2017

thumbnail of Activity-Report-Fukuoka-Gardn-Article

Fukuoka Gardn Article

thumbnail of Activity-Report-Overload-2017

Overload 2017

thumbnail of Activity-Report-Japan-Day-2017

Japan Day 2017

thumbnail of Activity-Report-ARMAGEDDON-2017


thumbnail of Activity-Report-Annual-Cultral-Concert-2016

Annual Cultral Concert 2016

thumbnail of Activity-Report-Fukuoka-Day-2016

Fukuoka Day 2016

thumbnail of Activity-Report-Japan-Day-2016

Japan Day 2016

thumbnail of Activity-Report-Overload-2016

Overload 2016

thumbnail of Activity-Report-Canterbury-Japan-Day-2015

Canterbury Japan Day 2015

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