CH4 JapanesePod101

Program Schedule


Whiteboard Lessons with Motoko
33 minutes
Ultimate Particle Guide
44 minutes
30 minutes

Whiteboard Lessons

Join Motoko,'s head Japanese teacher, as she covers topics like the tai form in Japanese, how to talk about family, and how to give your email address to Japanese speakers.

Ultimate Particle Guide

This comprehensive and engaging series covers all the main Japanese particles, including wa, ga, (w)o, e, ni, de, no, to, ka, mo, kara, and made. Each segment features a particular particle, describes their usage in detail, and gives example sentences.


This 30-minute live session with our teacher Risa features topics in conversational Japanese and culture.
It that takes place every Tuesday at

Australia Western Standard Time 12:30
Australia Central Standard Time 14:00
Australia Eastern Standard Time 14:30
New Zealand Standard Time 17:30

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