FREE Event Information Service

1. Free Event Listing service

Purpose of free listing service for Event Information Service by the Sakura Television Network (Here under Sakura TV) is to promote your Japanese Culture, Travel, Food, Festival, Matsuri, Traditional arts and Craft, Martial arts, Food and Drink promotion, and  other Japan related event to promote Japan in general for Australians and New Zealanders to enjoy.

2. Your Event Eligibility

The types of events that are eligible for free listing promotions are:

  • Japanese Culture events
  • Travel promotion events
  • Festivals (Matsuri)
  • Anime and Manga Festivals
  • Cosplay and J-POP Culture events
  • Concert and Singing competition
  • Arts and Crafts exhibitions
  • Traditional arts exhibitions
  • Martial arts demonstrations
  • Food and drink promotions
  • Other Japan-related events

3. Eligibility Criteria

The criteria for an event to be eligible for promotion are:

The event must be free entry, no admission fee for attendees and visitors.

It should be a public event open to all, with no age limit.

The event theme must not promote:

  • Religious concepts
  • Sexual themes
  • Racism
  • Crime and violence
  • Specific political events

Contact at

4. Local Compliance

The importance of compliance must be met with local council or government requirements. This includes permits, regulations, insurance and any necessary approvals.

The event organizers to ensure their events meet all legal and safety standards required by the local authorities.

5. Submission Process

Please provide contact information, event details, dates, location, and any other relevant information when you e-mail us to

6. Additional Listing Service

An advertorial listing service is available, contact Sakura TV for more details at

Your event can be promoted separately with video clips and narrations. Length of promotion is negotiable between 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

However, Sakura TV has strict rule regarding Content Guidelines.

Sakura TV will not accept or broadcast events that promote:

  • Religious and racial hatred
  • Themes related to war and violence
  • Sexual and child abuse in any form.
  • Events must adhere to these guidelines to be considered for listing and broadcast.

7. Listing Approval

Sakura TV reserves the sole right to refuse or accept your event for listing.

Event organizers should be aware that their event may not be listed if it does not meet Sakura TV's criteria.

8. Event Alterations

Once an event is listed and broadcasted, Sakura TV will not be responsible for any alterations or changes or cancellations made to the event.

Event organizers should ensure that the event details provided are accurate and final before submission.

……We know you work so hard to make your event successful, Sakura TV will be happy to help your fantastic event……

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