Ski Japan Promotion

Inviting skiers from
Australia and New Zealand to
Powder Snow Japan


2019/2020 Ski X Japan Campaign

Sakura TV is launching the 2019/2020 Ski X Japan campaign,
targeting 30 million Australians and New Zealanders to visit Japan and to enjoy ski
on powder snow slope


Campaign outline

Sakura TV will broadcast mini programs of skiing/resorts/tourism throughout Australia and New Zealand, targeting people
who have a longer Christmas and summer holiday period to visit Winter Japan and to enjoy powder snow skiing,
hot springs and Japanese food together with Japan’s local tourism.


Campaign period

The campaign starts at 8.00 pm, Saturday, 29 June 2019 And ends at 7.59 pm Saturday, 22 February 2020.

Broadcasting area

Australian state capitals and major cities in 5 states, and New Zealand cities and towns.


Campaign mini program plan

Mini program title:「Ski × Japan」4 weekly mini programs each by a single sponsor.
Mini program content: approximate total length: 3 minutes = 180 seconds shorter or longer.
Content language: all video clips must be in the English language or with English subtitles.
Sponsor to provide all current video content. Sponsor can provide video clips of their resort PR, resort facilities, surrounding tourist spots, skiing facilities & season ticket details, hot springs, or a local government’s tourism PR videos.


Mini program sample

*Let us know if you have more than 3 minutes of content.


Benefits of joining our campaign

*Using mini programs will increase viewers. You can copy & paste our footage onto your website.
*You can promote not only yourself, but neighboring towns, who will also benefit from this campaign.
*Utilizing the world’s only “Cool Japan” broadcasting will benefit your business.
*Mini programs will encourage potential travelers to visit Japan for skiing.
*Ability to attract your potential customers via Sakura TV broadcasting who are already and clearly identified,
because viewers of Sakura TV are already a fan of Japan.
*Our viewers like Japan, have been there, want to travel, want to ski on powder snow, like Japanese food, are fan of Onsen, etc.,
and they access our service at over 130,000 viewers a month (Visitor numbers are based on IP Unique Address data).


Campaign budged

There are simple 4 plans are available

*You can change your content by two-week intervals – use this opportunity to highlight your special PR.
*GST means New Zealand Government Goods and Services Tax, currently at 15%.
*GST Registration number is 44-050-919.
*Sakura TV is flexible to adjust to your requirements if it shorter or longer than a standard block.
*Payment is due after 20 days of the last screening.
*The invoice will be in Japanese Yen. When paying via bank remittance please use Yen currency.


Last note

We appreciate that your business uses internet-based promotion such as YouTube, Twitter, and other SNS,
printing materials and brochures or attending tourism events. However, using broadcasting media will be so effective in reaching broader audiences and is thus a costeffective tool. Sakura TV service is the only broadcasting media to cover Australia and New Zealand,
and we will do our best to promote your business and to increase more skiers to visit Japan in the coming winter season.
We look forward to discussing this unique campaign of Ski X Japan with your team soon.


Ski x Japan Department Neda

Note 1: Sakura TV broadcasting service cannot be seen in countries other than Australia and New Zealand due to copyright.
Note 2: You can visit our YouTube site to see some sample video clips. Please search for Sakura TV Oceania.



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