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    05 - 06.11.2021National Symposium on Japanese Language Education(NSJLE) - State Library of Victoria
    24.04.2021Overload, Anime, Manga & Cosplay Festival at the cloud- Sakura TV Sponsoring
    11-25.03.2021A Booklover’s Guide to Japanese Literature in Translation - Onsite (limited capacity) and online via Zoom
    06.03.2021Japan Festival in Wellington - Sakura TV sponsoring
    27.02.2021Japanese Language Education Seminar with UNSW - Online (via Zoom)
    21.02.2021Japanese Learning for Communication - Online via web conference
    20.02.2021Taste of Japan ‘Kizuna’
    18-19.02.2021Beyond Japanese Studies Symposium - Online (via Zoom)
    16.02.2021Learn About One Of Japan’s Most Iconic Architectural Movements - Onsite (limited capacity) and online
    12 - 13.12.2020Japanese Film Festival in Dunedin
    04 - 13.12.2020Japanese Film Festival in Australia
    27 - 29.11.2020Japanese Film Festival in Auckland
    21 - 22.11.2020Japanese Film Festival in New Plymouth
    19 - 22.11.2020Auckland The Food Show at ASB showgrounds
    01 - 04.11.2020Japanese Film Festival in Christchurch
    30.10 - 01.11.2020Wellington The Food Show at ASB showgrounds
    23 - 25.10.2020Japanese Film Festival in Wellington
    17 - 18.10.2020NZ Japan Society 60th Anniversary - cancelled
    28.09 - 01.10.2020Intense Seminar for Teachers of Japanese - Japan Foundation Sydney
    19 - 20.09.2020Sogetsu Ikebana Exhibition - Eden Garden, Epsom, Auckland, NZ
    15,22,29.08.2020Japanese Art of Mending Broken Pottery KINTSUGI - Japan Foundation Sydney
    27.06 - 02.08.2020Contemporary Wood-Carved Netsuke - Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery
    18.04.2020Wagashi : Nature and Tradition in Sweets - cancelled
    17.04.2020Wagashi : Nature and Tradition in Sweets - cancelled
    21.03.2020Kamishibao Workshop - cancelled
    20.03.2020Iwate Gyu Event in Sydney - Postponed
    08.03.2020Aikido Shinryukan 50th Anniversary - Sakura TV official media
    06 - 07.03.2020Rakugo in English - The Japan Foundation Sydney
    01.03.2020Canterbury Japan Day in Christchurch
    09.02.202019th Japan Day 2020 in Auckland- Sakura TV Silver Sponsor
    25.01.2020WTV Lunar Chinese Fest - Sakura TV having a booth
    03.12.2019JNTO Japan Roadshow - Sakura TV attending
    01.11 - 04.11.20197th Asia Pacific Film Festival - Sakura TV Organizing committee
    05.10.2019ANZ Community & Migrant Expo at The Cloud -Sakura TV attending
    28.09.2019Overload-NZ Anime and Manga Convention -Sakura TV sponsoring
    21.09.2019SOGETSU 90th Anniversary Cerebration and Demonstration - Sakura TV as media
    15.09.2019Lisa Ono 小野リサ World Tour Auckland Concert - Sakura TV Official PR Media
    15.09.2019Lisa Ono 小野リサ World Tour Auckland Concert - Sakura TV Official PR Media
    16.08.2019Baby show - Sakura TV attending as media
    25 - 28.07.2019The Food Show 2019 - Sakura TV filming
    13.07.2019TOHOKU Expo - Postponed
    14 - 15.06.2019WINETOPIA Auckland - Sakura TV filming
    29.05 - 18.06.2019Auckland Festival of Photography Yoko Ishii - Sakura TV Sponsoring
    12.04 - 05.05.2019BUDO The History of Japan's Martial Arts - Sakura TV official media
    17.03.2019New Zealand Coffee Festival - Sakura TV official media
    03.03.2019The 18th Japan Day at Eden Park, Auckland - Sakura TV - Silver Sponsor
    18.02.2019Police Celebration Day - Sakura TV official media
    09.02 - 10.02.2019Travel Expo Auckland – Sakura TV attending
    04.02.2019JNTO Sydney KANSAI Travel Expo – Sakura TV attending
    01.19.2019WTV Chinese Lunar New Year Festival – Sakura TV attending
    08.12.2018Matsuri Japan Day 2018 Sydney – Sakura TV attending
    06.12.2018JNTO Japan Road Show Sydney – Sakura TV attending
    02.12.2018Annual Santa Parade – Sakura TV attending
    29.11.2018JNTO Japan Road Show Auckland - Sakura TV attending
    28.11.2018Start Acting Japan – Sakura TV attending
    24.11.2018Wellington Japan Day - Sakura TV attending
    22.11.2018Japanese Film Festival organized by the Consul General of Japan Auckland – Sakura TV interviewing
    20.11.2018Japan New Zealand Business Council – Sakura TV filming the opening ceremony
    10.11.2018Bike Expo - Sakura TV official media
    01.11.2018Taste of Auckland at the CloudーSakura TV official media attending
    27.10.2018Asia Pacific Film Festival APFF - Sakura TV attending
    20.10.2018Sakura TV launches in entire Australia - Press Release
    19.10.2018Armageddon - biggest Cosplay Festival in New Zealand - Sakura TV attending
    29.09.2018Overload, Anime, Manga & Cosplay Festival - Sakura TV Sponsoring
    04.09.2018TOKYO2020 1st World Press Briefing in Tokyo - Sakura TV attending
    25.08.2018SOGETSU Flower 50th Anniversary Cerebration and Demonstration - Sakura TV as media
    27.07.2018The Food and Wine Show, ASB Showground - Sakura TV as media
    24.06.2018Fine Food Festival New Zealand, Auckland Showground - Sakura TV as media
    26.05.2018Japanese Choir 30th Anniversary Concert - Sakura TV attending
    22.05.2018Japan Road Show by JNTO at Sydney - Sakura TV attending
    17.05.2018Japan Road Show by JNTO at Auckland - Sakura TV attending
    25.02.2018The 17th Japan Day, The Cloud, Downtown Auckland - Sakura TV - Silver Sponsor