How to watch Sakura TV サクラテレビの見方(New Zealand)

How to watch Sakura TV(Mobile phone)

How to watch Sakura TV(PC or tablet)

If you have a Smart TV

►Simply search “” on Google and watch our HD beautiful and steady IPTV stream by clicking each channel.

►Or download WorldnetTV app  and you can see lots of Asian channels, and it’s all free to watch.

* This system is possible with Smart TV manufactured from 2015
* We recommend to have unlimited internet connection option



If you have an old LCD TV

►If you have a older LCD TV (manufactured before 2015), simply use a laptop to access and click each logo to watch each channel.

► To change channel by clicking logos.


Watch us FREE anywhere anytime 24/7 どこでも、いつでも、無料で + Mirroring

  • With you Smartphone, Tablet or laptop, you can watch beautiful “Japan ”or current news in English and it’s FREE.
    Anytime and Anywhere.
    Using desktop computer at work or at home, you can enjoy Japanese unique culture or current news, all in English.
  • スマホ、タブレット、ラップトップは移動中でもいつでも、どこでもご覧頂けます。ご自宅、事務所でもデスクトップにていつでもご覧頂けます。日本の美しい観光映像、最新のニュースなど日本の情報が満載。

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