Who is Sakura TV and what we do

Our services

We broadcast Japan-related contents throughout New Zealand and Australia, showcasing Japanese tourism, culture, food, history, nature, art and regular travel programs, all in English or with English subtitles.

Other services we specialise in:

  • Event management
  • Advertising consultancy
  • Company PR
  • Film production
  • Multi TV channel service
  • Channel one is NHK World English channel live from Tokyo in HD quality since 2014
  • Channel two is Sakura TV showcasing Japanese tourism in general since 2015
  • Channel three is planned for 24 hours of news from Japan in Japanese language
  • More channels are planned in 2020 and 2021


Sakura TV is free to watch anywhere and anytime

Sakura TV uses modern technology to deliver our streaming services throughout New Zealand and Australia.
Viewers can access our service anywhere and anytime: on the bus, at the café, in the office and in their homes in steady streaming HD quality viewing environment.

Who are our viewers?
  • People of New Zealand and Australia who are interested in overseas travel (over 30 million people)
  • These two countries’ populations are made up of immigrants who are young and interested in Asia
  • Over 10 million people from Oceania go overseas – that is 1 in every 3 people
  • With the advancement of internet technology, our viewers are those from early teens to over 60 years of age who use smartphones, tablets and PCs to obtain information daily
  • People who are interested in overseas travel, especially in Japanese tourism, food, culture, history, nature and language as well as those interested in Japanese Anime or are studying Asian subjects at university
  • People who work at Japan-related companies in both New Zealand and Australia
  • Company staff who export and import to and from Japan
  • Over 500 Japanese restaurant owners and their guests
  • Visitors to hotel and motel accommodation with in-room entertainment with Sakura TV channels
  • Our target is to achieve one million tourists to Japan by 2020 – an increase from just over 500,000 in 2017
Why will the number of viewers increase?

Travelling overseas is now very common.
People are searching where to go on their next holiday, especially countries other than traditional destinations like Europe.
There will be big events happening in Japan, attracting people from both countries interested in:

  • 2021 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympics
  • 2022 World Masters Games KANSAI

Those 3 major world-class events will certainly increase the number of people from both countries who have interest in Japan.
New Zealand, Australia and Japan share democracy and freedom.
New Zealand, Australia and Japan are all CPTPP members (alongside 8 other countries), and share the concept of free trade.
A steady relationship in policy and economy ensures a long-term plan.
There are numerous ‘sister city’ agreements between Japan and both countries

  • Australia has 108 sister cities in Japan
  • New Zealand has 41 sister cities in Japan

Australians are the number one nation for spending during their visit to Japan.
(Category of Transport + accommodation + meals, stat supplied by JNTO 2016)
Australia and New Zealand have a culture of a long summer holiday, of family travel and of visiting remote areas rather than staying in major big cities.
People from both counties like to travel and visit where they can experience attending to.
People are very used to overseas travel, as both countries are made up of immigrants.
There is a climate difference – Australia and New Zealand have summer during Japan’s winter.

Sakura TV activities


Sakura TV will broadcast commercial advertisements such as:

Airlines, travel agents, hotels, motels, ryokan inns, transport options (trains, buses and limousines), theme parks, event PR, leisure facilities, department stores, food outlets and restaurants, inbound operators, shops, local governments throughout Japan and the service industry for wealthy tour groups.


Sakura TV will organise events in full:

Before event promotion
Booth set-up and full support at the venue
Recording of the event

Events such as sake promotion, Japanese food promotion, local food show, Japan Day, Anime festival, Japanese film festival, special marketing events, etc.


Sakura TV will be adding more TV streaming services*:

  • Tourism channel
  • Shopping channel
  • Sports channel
  • Japanese language channel
  • Pay-per-view channel
  • J-POP music channel
    *subject to availability and negotiation
Sakura TV: How we advertise ourselves

Sakura TV will promote itself regularly by:

  • Targeting the core group with advertising in travel, skiing and outdoor magazines.
  • Advertising in local newspapers and community pamphlets.
  • Setting up a Sakura TV booth at Japan Day festivals, Cosplay festivals, Armageddon expos, food shows, travel shows and many other cultural events.
  • Advertising in major newspapers.
  • Approaching hotel/motel/accommodation outlets to screen Sakura TV in rooms.
  • Regular contact with universities and high schools where students study Asian culture and Japanese language.
  • Regularly printing our pamphlets and distributing to Japanese restaurants for display at the front desk.
    Using SNS aggressively.

By using our free-to-watch anywhere and anytime streaming services throughout New Zealand and Australia, we provide a strong awareness of Japan and Japanese tourism.
Our viewers are “Like Japan”, “Been there”, “Want to visit Japan”, “Like Japanese food”, “Studying Japanese”, “Like Skiing”, “Next holiday destination”, “Have Japanese friends”, “Will visit 2019 Rugby World Cup”, “Will visit 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympics”, and list goes on


Our service will make people to decide to visit Japan.
Our service is to help with the last push for people to decide on Japan for your company.



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